Call for Special Sessions

To enhance the technical program and focus on specific topics and areas, ICMT 2021 will include special sessions, in addition to regular ones. Special sessions can cover subjects or cross-subjects belonging to the topics of interest, or novel topics related with the ones identified within the topics of interest. Special sessions can also have the drive from specific R&D projects or clusters of projects.


Proposal content

If you intend to propose and organize a special session, please provide Special Sessions Co-Chairs at with following information:

  1. Title of the Special Session

  2. Brief description of the area of concern (approx. 100 words), with special focus on main interesting and significant topics

  3. The name and contact information of THREE or more special session organizers (multi‐nationals preferred and multi-institutional mandatory) , who are willing to promote and organize a sufficient amount of quality submissions to the special session. Please also indicate the background of the organizers.

  4. A list of potential authors and their affiliations

  5. A list of international potential reviewers and their affiliations (20 minimum)


Organization of special sessions: once approved, it is the duty of the special session organizers to publicize the session among researchers and practitioners in the field and attract a sufficient number of papers. Papers from organizers cannot exceed 60% of the contents of the Special Session.

Papers submitted to special sessions will undergo the same review process as regular papers.