Technical Sessions

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the followings:

Advanced Mechatronics Devices, Sensing and Control (TT-01)

Robotics, Robot factory, Mobile Robots, Motion control, Intelligent Mechanism, Parallel Mechanisms in Machine Tools, Man-Machine Interfaces, Sensors, Computer Vision and Recognition, Automated Navigation, Modeling, Tele-operation, Intelligent and Advanced Control, Adaptive Control, Artificial Intelligence, Precision Control.

Smart Actuators and Materials (TT-02)

Actuators using Functional Fluid, SMA Actuators, Piezo-Electric Actuators, Electro-Static Actuators, Magneto-Strictive Actuators, Smart Materials and Structures: Ionic Polymer–Metal Composites, Dielectric ElectroActive Polymer.

MEMS/NEMS and Micro/Nano-Manufacturing (TT-03)

Precision Mechatronics, Micro/Nano-Electro Mechanical Systems, Opto-Mechatronics, Ultra-High Precision Machining, Focus Ion Beam Manufacturing.

Precision Measuring Technology (TT-04)

Dimensional Measurement, Micro/Nano Measurement, Ultra High Precision Positioning, Optical and Laser Technology, Scanning Probe Microscopy Technology, Measurement for Extreme Environments, Precision Instrumentation, Metrology.

Production Systems (TT-05)

Automation Science and Technology, Intelligent Machine Tools, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Agile Manufacturing, Production Planning and Control, Fault Monitoring & Diagnosis, e-Maintenance, e-Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Remote Manufacturing with Internet, Free Form Surface Machining.

Sustainable Transport and Energy Systems (TT-06)

Automotive Hybridization and Electrification, Vehicle Lightweight Materials and Structures, High Power Energy Storage Systems and Integration, Advanced Propulsion Technologies and Energy Saving Options, System Modelling and Real-Time Estimation, Energy Management Strategies and Optimization

Mechatronics as an Enabler for Innovative and Intelligent Transportation Systems (TT-07)

Telematics, Big Data Mining, Deep Leaning, Smart, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid (TT-08)

Sustainable Energy Resources, Energy Conversion Devices, Control Technologies, Energy Generation.

Bioengineering and Mechatronics Applications in Life Sciences (TT-09)

Biosensors, Biochip Manipulation, Medical equipment, Human-Friendly Mechatronics, Human Adaptive Mechatronics, Life Cycle Design, Recycle Technology, Ecological Design and Production.

Information and Networking (TT-10)

Network-Based Control Systems, Real-Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Self-Configuring Wireless Sensor Networks.

Human Resource Development and Education on Mechatronics Technology (TT-11)

Strategy on Mechatronics Technology, Mechatronics Education, Computer-Aided Instruction, Virtual reality Applications on Education, Policy and Strategy Studies.

Internet in Industry 4.0 (TT-12)

Internet of Things, Internet based Manufacturing, AI, Super Smart Society

Composite and Polymer Materials (TT-13)

Advanced Composite for smart devices, polymer for light structures in mechatronic and automation systems, smart integration of polymers in actuators, sensors and manufacturing technologies

TT: Technical Track